Al Reyes And Chelly Rotko Obituary, Cohoes NY Cherished Residents Has Passed Away Following Ghastly Accident – The world obits


Al Reyes And Chelly Rotko Obituary, Death – The community has been shaken by the tragic news of Chelly Rotko and her husband, Al Reyes, of Cohoes, New York, passing away. Their loved ones are under a cloud of intense anguish. Family, friends, and acquaintances are grieving the death of two dear individuals and are in disbelief over the abrupt passing of this cherished couple. Al Reyes and Chelly Rotko were beloved neighbors whose presence brightened the lives of people around them.

They were more than just names in the community. They were pillars of warmth, friendliness, and unfailing support to everyone who was lucky enough to know them, even those outside of their own family. Their loved ones are grieving together as a result of hearing of their passing. Their abrupt and unexpected departure has created a hole that is difficult to fill. For those left behind, recollections of their time together, their laughter, and the love they exuded have become priceless treasures.

Cohoes sends its condolences and prayers to Al Reyes’s and Chelly Rotko’s family and friends. A community that comes together in support, providing consolation and comfort at this extremely trying time, mirrors the grief experienced by their loved ones. Those who were impacted by Chelly and Al will always carry their love, compassion, and generosity in their hearts. Beyond their physical passing, they leave a lasting influence on the community that will always stand as a tribute to the wonderful life they led.

Even if they are no longer physically present, their memories, affection, and lessons taught are still there to guide their loved ones through this difficult time. Al Reyes and Chelly Rotko will be sincerely missed, and those who were fortunate enough to have known them will always carry their love and goodness with them.