‘American Pickers’ star Hobo Jack Sophir expected to appear in court due to violations over collectibles


Where is Hobo Jack Sophir now? ‘American Pickers’ star set to face legal battle in court over multiple violations of his collectibles

Where is Hobo Jack Sophir now? 'American Pickers' star set to face legal battle in court over multiple violations of his collectibles

‘American Pickers’ star Hobo Jack Sophir is heading to the court (YouTube/History)

IOWA, NASHVILLE: ‘American Pickers’ star “Hobo Jack” Sophir is being dragged to the court. 

Sophir well known as “Hobo Jack” is a former cast member of the History’s longtime-running show ‘American Pickers’ who is currently in a legal dispute with the City of Litchfield, Illinois.

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Jack Sophir is facing code violations and a citation for his collectibles, and a trial is scheduled for next month, as per Pop Culture. Sophir’s legal battle began when he relocated from his rural farm in Montgomery County to Litchfield in 2019 because he felt unsafe.

While having a chat with local media outlet KSDK, Sophir said, “There was a gang of thieving hillbillies who had discovered that I had cars.”

However, problems started when the 91-year-old man started bringing his extensive collection of antiques into town, catching the attention of ‘American Pickers.’

While Sophir believed his antiques were valuable, his neighbors disagreed and complained to the local building inspector Gary Baker.

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In March 2022, Baker accused Sophir of not taking care of his property, having a lot of trash, and harboring rodents. Baker stated that Sophir’s belongings were considered junk and were accumulating too much, causing a nuisance.

Sophir claimed that he cleaned up his house after receiving code violations, but Baker disagreed, saying that he did not comply and even brought in more things. Sophir disagreed with Baker’s opinion and said that he just wanted to be left alone to deal with his own problems.

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Sophir had multiple court dates in his case but refused to attend until he found a pro bono lawyer. In November 2022, during his trial, the judge had to postpone the case to December because of audio problems, Sophir’s difficulty with hearing, and his last-minute request for a jury trial.

A judge in Montgomery County denied Sophir’s request for a jury trial during his court appearance on December 6. The City of Hillsboro’s attorneys opposed the motion, stating that Sophir had not paid the necessary fees and did not properly inform the court about his request.

Instead, a bench trial has been scheduled for February 2, 2024. Sophir has stated that if they proceed with a bench trial, he will refuse to participate.

'American Pickers' Season 25 ratings continue to drop (YouTube/History)
‘American Pickers’ star ‘Hobo Jack’ Sophir is facing legal troubles (YouTube/History)

What does ‘American Pickers’ star ‘Hobo Jack’ Sophir do for a living?

For those wondering, Hobo Jack is an author and musician by profession. 

Jack is the author of a book called ‘Amazing Adventures of The Tramp Prince’ which saw the light of day in the year 2015. 

In addition to other works, Sophir wrote a novel in 1984 called ‘Get a Horse’ which features early automotive humor from magazines of the turn of the century and he also wrote a fantasy satire novel in 2008, as per Looper. 

Besides being a skilled writer, Sophir is also a musician who can play various instruments. When Mike Wolfe visited the Antique Archaeology store, Sophir entertained the audience by singing and playing the banjo, harmonica, and guitar.

Additionally, he has released an album called ‘The Best of Hobo Jack: Original Songs By An American Picker,’ which can be bought on Amazon Music.

Hobo Jack Sophir is a musician and author (YouTube/History)
‘Hobo Jack’ Sophir is a musician and author (YouTube/History)

When did ‘Hobo Jack’ Sophir join the cast of ‘American Pickers’?

Sopihr was first seen on the show ‘American Pickers’ in Season 2, Episode 9.

Subsequently, Sophir returned to the History show in Season 6, Episode 2. 

'Hobo' Jack Sophir appeared on 'American Pickers' Season 2 (YouTube/History)
‘Hobo Jack’ Sophir appeared on ‘American Pickers’ Season 2 (YouTube/History)

‘American Pickers’ Season 25 ratings continue to drop 

The ratings of ‘American Pickers’ Season 25 continue to drop with each passing episode.

It seems like the viewers aren’t happy with the new changes made to the show. 

The first episode of Season 25, titled ‘Classic Car Cemetery,’ had a viewership of only 723,000 according to The US Sun.

The number of people watching the second episode of the premiere, titled ‘Hidden Cash Stash’, dropped to 676,000.

The ratings of the show have been on a decline lately. 

'American Pickers' to be filmed in  Mississippi  (Instagram/@americanpickers)
‘American Pickers’ Season 25 ratings continue to drop (Instagram/@americanpickers)

‘American Pickers’ Season 25 drops new episodes every Wednesday at 9 pm ET on History Channel.

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