Betty “Roach” Brown Obituary, Linden, New Jersey, Family Celebrates An Extraordinary Life Lived As She Pass Out A 101 – Death – The world obits


Betty “Roach” Brown Obituary, Death – Geneny Smith pays tribute to her beloved cousin, the famous Betty “Roach” Brown, who passed away at the incredible age of 101, with deep sadness. The historic lineage of Samuel Fish was passed down through Betty Roach Brown’s grandmother Adeline “Addie” Fish Roach and her father Albert Roach. Even though Aunt Betty had trouble hearing, a special bond formed between them when they locked gazes, and Betty said, “but I can hear you.”

This memory will always hold a special place in Smith’s heart. When this incident blossomed into a lovely service of worship, replete with music and joy, Betty took comfort in the tune and exclaimed, “I can hear!” Even though she was going through a tough time, her spirit was strong and she managed to find the humor and joy in life. Betty Roach Brown was a longtime Rahway, NJ resident whose unwavering wisdom and inspiring spirit shone a light on the lives of everyone she met.

Smith expresses deep appreciation for the honor of knowing such an extraordinary person, Betty, in words that capture all the love and admiration that can be described. Through it all, Betty Roach Brown exemplifies perseverance, strength, and elegance. While her life was full of ups and downs, she carried herself with an air of effortless grace that belied the struggles she silently overcame.

Geneny Smith asks for prayers for the Brown family as they grieve, and she hopes that people will remember Aunt Betty and the wonderful life she lived during this time of loss. This is a tribute to Betty Roach Brown.