Cancel United Hospital’s licence: Father appeals to DGHS after death of child


Shamim Ahmed, the father of five-year-old Ayaan who died following full anesthesia during a circumcision procedure at United Medical College Hospital, has applied to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) for the cancellation of United Hospital’s licence after a proper investigation into the death.

“They killed my son. After the incident, we came to know that many others have died due to negligence in treatment in this hospital. Therefore, I urge the DGHS to revoke the hospital’s licence to provide medical services in our country,” Shamim Ahmed said in a letter to the DGHS on Wednesday (10 January).

“If their licence is not cancelled, seeking medical care there will remain at risk of losing their lives. Many parents will lose their children.

“Therefore, I request the cancellation of this hospital’s licence through appropriate actions in accordance with our country’s existing laws,” reads the letter.

Meanwhile, an investigation committee of the DGHS has asked Shamim Ahmed to provide his statement at Mugda Hospital at 10:30 am on Thursday.

Besides, Ayaan’s family will form a human chain in front of the new building of the DGHS at 11:30am tomorrow to demand justice for Ayaan’s death.

On 31 December, Ayaan was circumcised under full anaesthesia at United Medical College Hospital in Satarkul Badda, allegedly without parental consent.

He was transferred to the hospital’s Gulshan branch from there as he did not regain consciousness a few hours post-operation.

After seven days of keeping him on life support in the paediatric intensive care unit, the doctors declared Ayaan dead early Sunday (7 January).