Chrissie Johnston née Hoppner Obituary, Cherished Player At Cowwarr Saints FNC Has Suddenly Passed Away – Death – The world obits


Chrissie Johnston née Hoppner Obituary, Death – After losing one of its most promising players, Chrissie Johnston, on November 26th, the Cowwarr Saints F.N.C. football and netball club is in a state of mourning. Both the club and the community she touched deeply will never be the same after her departure. Chrissie played netball for the Saints and became famous for her legendary career in which she displayed unmatched skill and devotion.

Her outstanding performance on the court earned her a prestigious spot on the century-ending netball squad. Not only did Chrissie accomplish much in her life, but she also left a lasting legacy through the devotion of her children and grandchildren to the Cowwarr Saints football and netball teams, carrying on the Johnston name with pride. In addition to her athletic abilities, Chrissie was the foundation of a successful family line.

Her affection, kindness, and contagious happiness shone through in every encounter as she proudly showed off her children and grandchildren. Those who follow in Chrissie’s footsteps continue her legacy by being generous, loving, and possessing that distinctive sparkle in their eyes. Pete, Matt, Adam, Mark, Ant, Tim, Kate, Kylie, and the rest of Chrissie’s family are in our thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time.

The Cowwarr Saints community is here to support them no matter what. The world will never be the same after Chrissie’s departure; the people she touched will always hold her memory dear. With her passing, beloved Saint Chrissie Johnston leaves behind an indelible mark on the Cowwarr Saints F.N.C. football and netball club, instilling a spirit of perseverance, loyalty, and friendship in the hearts of players and fans alike.