Community mourns loss of Anahi Leanos, El Paso teenager killed by alleged drunk driver | KFOX


EL PASO, Texas [KFOX14] — Family and friends of Anahi Leanos came out in full support of the memorial service held in her honor.

Leanos, 17, was killed Friday after an alleged drunk driver crashed into her car that was stalled along the Border Highway.

El Paso police identified the driver as 18-year-old Ruger Garrett Clark.

Anahi would have turned 18 the day after the crash.

Less than a week after losing her younger sister, Anahi’s older sister, Areley, said these past days have been the worst for her family.

“Each day it gets harder and harder but time doesn’t stop, it keeps going and she’s gone,” Areley said.

At the memorial service, a middle school friend shared that there was no one greater to her than Anahi, describing her as a rock.

“She was the most beautiful soul we’ve ever come across, it was always laughs, it was never anything bad with her,” Giselle Sifuentes said.

Sifuentes added Anahi was someone she could always turn to.

“She was always there no matter what, she was the type of friend that no matter how long we would go without talking if I needed her, she was there no matter what.”

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Another friend of Anahi was visibly emotional as she shared the plans they had together.

“I’m going to be alone because we made some plans for graduation, prom, college and all of that is gone now,” Yatziry Larrea said.

Jessica Badillo, Leanos’s cousin, said she had a full life ahead of her with many projects still to accomplish.

Meanwhile, Leanos’s godmother, Lorena Mendiola, pleaded for justice.

“It’s not fair that he’s out, we need justice to be made so the crime can be paid for,” Mendiola said.

The burial of Leanos is scheduled for Thursday.

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