Decades-Long Mystery Resolved: Missing Woman’s Car Found in Miami Canal


A Cold Case Thawed

Miami’s canals, often seen as scenic waterways, have unveiled a narrative of long-held secrets and silent witnesses. On January 5, 2024, members of the volunteer dive team, Sunshine State Sonar, uncovered a car submerged in 32 feet of water, its contours masked by vegetation. Within the car, human remains were discovered, believed to be those of Maureen Therese Sherman, a woman who vanished without a trace in 1985.

Disappearance of Maureen Therese Sherman

Almost four decades ago, Sherman, then 47, was last seen leaving her home. The red Plymouth Reliant K Station wagon she drove that day was the same one found in the canal. Sherman had expressed intentions of ending her life, and it is believed she may have driven her car into the canal. The car, discovered with all windows closed, lay silent and undisturbed, concealing its somber passenger until it was found by the volunteer divers.

A Collaborative Effort

The discovery of Sherman’s car was part of a cooperative venture with Adventures with Purpose, a volunteer organization committed to finding missing persons. The tireless efforts of these volunteer divers have led to a series of recent successes, including the finding of a car with three unidentified bodies in a mall pond and a woman believed to be Sandra Lemire, who had been missing since 2012, in a retention pond.

These discoveries shed light on the unsung heroes committed to resolving cold cases and providing closure to the families of the missing. Their dedication underscores the importance of relentless pursuit in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, reminding us that every story deserves its ending, no matter how long it takes to reveal.