Dennis Kelly Obituary, Academy Of Martial Arts, Clearwater, FL. Mourns The Loss Of Grandmaster And A Revered Pioneering Tai Chi Mentor – Death


Dennis Kelly Obituary, Death – As the renowned founding Tai Chi instructor and an unparalleled figure, Grandmaster Dennis Kelly’s passing has left the Academy of Martial Arts (AOMA) in mourning. The passing of this illustrious figure in the martial arts community has left our AOMA family in profound sorrow. Grandmaster Kelly came to the AOMA’s aid in the early 2000s when we were looking for a Tai Chi program; his teachings and philosophy were a perfect fit for our organization and our approach to martial arts.

His program of Tai Chi and Chi Kung was the model of training harmony, complementing our principles to a pristine degree. Beyond his many titles as a 7th Degree Black Belt, five-time WMA Champion, and thirteen-time National Champion in Men’s Full Contact Point Fighting Karate, Grandmaster Kelly has left an indelible mark on the martial arts world. Martial Arts Magazine inducted him into their Hall of Fame, and his book “The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth” was highly regarded.

Beyond all of his success, Dennis Kelly was an incredibly modest and motivating human being. Wisdom that went beyond the dojo, his extensive understanding of natural body healing techniques and martial arts touched the lives of many for the better. Our thoughts and prayers are with him during this difficult time. We will all feel his absence greatly.

Master Kelly also won the hearts of many in Port Richey through his commitment to teaching Tai Chi at Gold’s Gym. He made a lasting impression and left an enduring legacy that motivates people to this day. His legacy will live on through the teachings he left behind, which will be a constant reminder of his profound impact and lasting impact on the world.