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Doug Brunson Obituary, Death – The community and family of Douglas Lynn Brunson, 70, were deeply saddened by his death on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, in Shepherdsville. He left this world surrounded by those he loved, leaving a legacy of love, devotion, and treasured memories. Douglas Lynn Brunson dedicated his life to his family and maintained a strong bond with his community for the entirety of his seventy years. A flood of feelings was unleashed upon his passing: sadness over his absence, thankfulness for the time spent together, and a deep understanding of the influence he had on people around him.

The loss of others close to him came before his departure, representing the intricate cycle of life. This loss entwined his legacy with those who came before him, adding yet another chapter to the ongoing tale of familial love and remembrance. Douglas was a cornerstone of his community, making a lasting impact on friends and acquaintances’ hearts in addition to his physical presence. Shepherdsville is grieving the loss of a kind and giving person whose life radiated kindness and generosity, and his absence is greatly felt.

Following Douglas Lynn Brunson’s death, people began to consider the times spent together and the memories made. Those who were lucky enough to have met him remember him for his kindness, insight, and steadfast support. Those who uphold the ideals he exemplified will continue to carry on his legacy long after his death. His family finds comfort in their shared moments and the community’s overwhelming support during this difficult time. Stories, jokes, and the lessons he taught us during his life remain as a tribute to him. The legacy of Douglas Lynn Brunson endures as Shepherdsville says goodbye to a beloved member of its community, honoring a life well-lived and a heart much loved.