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Etta (Manson) Sutherland Obituary, Death – The loss of Etta (Manson) Sutherland has created a significant void in the hearts of the people who live in Golspie Village. The indelible mark that Etta, a remarkable person who is well-known for the enormous contributions she made to the community, has left behind will be treasured for many generations to come. As a result of her passing, the village is in a state of mourning, as they have lost a member who was very dear to them.

A sentiment that Mitchell Mackay, who fondly remembers Etta from her time spent working in the administrative office above the COOP grocery store, echoes is that Etta was a shining example of warmth and kindness. Etta’s demeanor exuded positivity, and she left an indelible mark on everyone she came in contact with. She was described as a lovely person who always presented a smile.

Etta exemplified a spirit of selflessness and dedication toward Golspie Village by devoting herself to a variety of endeavors that benefited the community over the course of her life. All of those who had the honor of knowing her felt that her contributions, despite their diversity, had a significant impact and were deeply appreciated. The community has been engulfed in an outpouring of love and remembrance for the remarkable person that Etta was.

The news of her passing has reverberated throughout the community. It is a testament to her enduring legacy that her memory will continue to live on in the collective heart of Golspie, and her absence will be keenly felt by all. The profound impact of Etta Sutherland’s kindness, dedication, and unwavering spirit will continue to be remembered and celebrated; this will ensure that she continues to be an essential component of the history of Golspie Village, even as the community mourns her passing.

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