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Greg Hampton Obituary, Death – Coach Greg Hampton was a rock for the Jones Senior High School athletic department for over 20 years, and his death has left a hollow ache in the halls of Trenton, North Carolina’s Jones Senior High. He left behind a legacy of dedication and enthusiasm for sportsmanship, but his abrupt departure has cast a pall over the Trojans community.

Coach Hampton’s impact on the Trojan athletic program went well beyond his coaching duties; he also played a pivotal role as a motivating mentor, athletic director, and game day coordinator. Innumerable athletes owe a debt of gratitude to his unwavering commitment and sincere enthusiasm for the school’s athletic programs. In light of this tragic news, we ask that you keep Coach Hampton, his loved ones, the school community, the players, and his fellow coaches in your prayers.

The Trojans’ community is still reeling from Coach Hampton’s death, which has left an indelible mark on the lives of his former students and faculty. He was more than just a Trojan on the field; he was a role model for his teammates and everyone he coached by embodying the qualities of tenacity and determination. “Always faithful, my comrade!”—a memorial praising Coach Hampton’s constant devotion, which echoes the Marine Corps motto and represents his unfaltering devotion to the Trojans and his ideals and principles.

Jones Senior High School says goodbye to a beloved coach, mentor, and friend while carrying on in his honor the traditions he established. The Trojans’ athletic community will miss Coach Greg Hampton, but his legacy will continue through the players and fans he inspired to give their all on and off the field.