Harry J. Donaldson Obituary, Resident Of Rt. 368, Parker, Has Suddenly Passed Away – The world obits


Harry J. Donaldson Obituary, Death – Harry J. Donaldson, 72, passed away on Monday, December 4, 2023. His death marked the conclusion of a life well lived and left a strong emotional impact on the Rt. 368 community in Parker. Harry’s adventure started in Butler, Pennsylvania, on October 2, 1951, when he was welcomed into the world as the cherished son of the late John C. and Mary L. Rottman Donaldson. The principles his parents established in him as well as the fabric of his upbringing weave a legacy around Harry.

Those who had the honor of knowing him will always remember him for the integrity, decency, and diligence with which he lived his life. Harry, a Parker resident on Rt. 368, grew to be a vital member of the neighborhood. He exuded warmth and companionship, forging bonds that went beyond simple acquaintanceship. He was well-known for his warm smile, friendly demeanor, and readiness to assist anyone in need. Even though Harry’s life story was quite personal, many others were touched by it.

Whether through modest deeds of kindness or large gestures, his contributions to his community created a permanent impression. Family, friends, and neighbors will miss him terribly; the hole he leaves behind is testament to the good impact he had on everyone in his vicinity. Harry J. Donaldson left behind a legacy that goes far beyond his birth and death dates. It is found in the experiences he shared, the generosity he showed to others, and the enduring influence he had on the neighborhood. Upon contemplating his life, his acquaintances pay tribute to him by upholding the principles and attributes he personified, guaranteeing that his soul endures in the hearts of everyone he touched.