Harry Philpott Obituary, Former Club Presiden Of St. Colman Boxing Club Has Sadly Passed Away – Death – The world obits


Harry Philpott Obituary, Death – Our beloved former club president and dear friend Harry Philpott has passed away, and his passing has left a void in the St. Colmans Boxing Club community. Our deepest sympathies go out to his loved ones as they face this awful loss, especially his children, grandchildren, and extended family. St. Colmans Boxing Club would not have been the same without Harry Philpott, who left an everlasting impression on the neighborhood.

Anyone lucky enough to know him could feel his undying devotion and enthusiasm for the club. As president of the club, Harry did an outstanding job, providing direction, encouragement, and the kind of steadfast dedication that came to represent his presidency. Above and beyond his duties at the club, Harry exemplified friendship, camaraderie, and solidarity.

With his presence, the club became more united, creating an atmosphere where everyone felt like they were part of a family rather than a team. During this difficult time, the members of the St. Colmans Boxing Club come together in unity, grieving and remembering. The lives that Harry touched will always remember him, and his legacy will live on. His genuine friendliness and undying love for the game had a profound effect on many people and will live on in the club’s archives.

We will always remember Harry Philpott for the priceless contributions he made to St. Colmans Boxing Club, and we will miss him as we say goodbye. We will always remember his courage, commitment, and unfaltering support. He has left behind a legacy that will motivate and bring the club he loved together, so may he rest in peace.