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Lieutenant Phil Krupinski Obituary, Death – In the wake of the death of retired Lieutenant Phil Krupinski, a pillar of the Erie Firefighters IAFF Local 293 community, there is a deep and abiding sadness. Following a courageous battle with cancer, Phil passed away, leaving behind a legacy of selflessness and unwavering dedication to service. Phil served the people of Erie with unfaltering dedication for thirty commendable years.

He retired from South Central Station on Tower 1, 3rd Platoon, signaling the end of an extraordinary career devoted to protecting the population of the city. Phil bravely served his nation as an American soldier in the Vietnam War, demonstrating his commitment to service that went beyond the confines of his hometown.

The courage and dedication he displayed while serving in the military and fighting fires on the front lines are examples of his character. In this time of great sorrow, the members of Phil Krupinski’s family and friends have the unwavering support of the Erie Firefighters IAFF Local 293. Phil’s legacy as a dedicated veteran and firefighter speaks volumes about his honorable nature and his willingness to put others before himself.

The people of Erie honor Phil Krupinski in recognition of his immense impact on the city and the country. Inspiring future generations of firefighters, his dedication to protecting others will endure in the hearts of those he served, and his memory will never fade. Lieutenant Phil Krupinski, may you rest in peace; we will never forget the bravery with which you served our country.