Missing “Splinter Spark of Dreams”



I’ve submitted a ticket for this but I don’t believe I was able to adequately explain it in the short length.

From what I understand, this is the 5th week and should have 10 “Splinter Spark of Dreams” total, however I’m currently sitting on only 1 shard after completing the weekly “A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens”, and have done all of LFR, a couple keys and am now attempting to do the PVP equivalent quest “Proving in Battle” in hopes it will drop.

For context, I crafted 1 piece of gear last week, and had no leftover shards, after doing all of LFR, Normal, and 8/9 Heroic, including at least 10 M+ keys at +20, I did not receive the 9th.

I’ve run this macro to check how many I’ve supposedly collected:
/run local n=(C_CurrencyInfo.GetCurrencyInfo(2774).quantity or 0)print(string.format(“You have obtained %d Splinters (%g full Sparks) during Season 3”,n,n/2))

It outputs that “You have obtained 10 Splinters (5 full Sparks) during Season 3”. I’ve double-checked my bags and bank to no avail.

This week brings us to 11 splinters, so that you have an odd one out is correct thus far.

Do you remember what you crafted last week? Armor takes one Spark and weapons take 2, so that would be 2 or 4 more splinters.

Have you double checked your reagent bank for the other 3/4 sparks? A lot of the time that gets overlooked.

If everything appears accounted for and they’re still missing, an SFA should be able to look into it when they settle in for the morning.