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Mrs. Helen Hosein-Mulloon Obituary, Death – Our sincerest sympathies go out to the family of Mrs. Helen Hosein-Mulloon, who passed away yesterday, during this difficult time. Helen made an everlasting impression on the Past Pupil’s Association by her enthusiastic participation and consistent contributions. Despite encountering obstacles, Helen demonstrated unwavering resolve and perseverance.

Her commitment to the Association was constant; she provided critical direction and made substantial contributions to its activities. She spoke and acted with an unwavering devotion to her alma mater. Helen Hosein showed extraordinary dedication in carrying on her mother’s work as a French teacher, Ms. Marion Hosein, who passed away. Her mother was much esteemed, and she showed her appreciation by donating a trophy to the Speech Day Awards every year.

In her talks, which were full of pride and nostalgia, her devotion to St. Joseph’s Convent in Port of Spain shined through. We were all deeply moved by Helen’s steadfast commitment and affection for her alma mater. On Wednesday, December 20th, at 10:00 am, there will be a funeral ceremony at St. Theresa’s Church in Woodbrook to commemorate and celebrate the life of Helen Hosein-Mulloon. All of her loved ones and fellow Alma Mater alumni will have a chance to gather at this memorial service to honor her memory and celebrate her life’s work.

We will miss her terribly and the community she loved very much. Her unwavering commitment, boundless enthusiasm, and unending energy should serve as a constant source of motivation for us to face each day with love and tenacity. During this trying time, our prayers and thoughts are with her loved ones. Helen, may you rest in peace. Your selflessness and devotion left an indelible mark on everyone you met. sjcsjpastpupils.