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Squirrel Huckstep Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Gary W. Huckstep, 83, of the Linn Fire Protection District. Gary was known as “Squirrel” and was a beloved member of the district. He passed away peacefully on November 28, 2023, in Linn. Huckstep left an everlasting impression on the firefighting community as an essential figure in the district’s history.

Huckstep made significant contributions to the firefighting fraternity during his time as a committed volunteer firefighter with the Linn Volunteer Fire Department. Serving as both an assistant fire chief and secretary/treasurer for the firefighters’ association, he was instrumental in both positions. The department owes a great deal to his dedication and leadership.

The veterans of the firehouse held Huckstep in high esteem beyond his role as a firefighter. He inspired awe and respect among his coworkers with his retelling of previous calls and extraordinary anecdotes from association minutes. The whole fire department could take heart from Huckstep’s optimistic outlook and lively personality. Even outside of the firehouse, Huckstep was a familiar face to many because he had been a popular school bus driver and a welcoming figure at his drive-in after school.

His varied contributions to the neighborhood were evidence of a life well-lived, and his friends and family were lucky to have known him. There is a huge hole in the community and among his fellow firefighters caused by the death of “Squirrel” Huckstep. In honor of his extraordinary life and work, the Linn Fire Protection District remembers him with gratitude for his kindness, compassion, and wisdom. Gary “Squirrel” Huckstep, may you rest in peace.