The Sweet Taste of Apples – Chapter 24 – LumiOlivier


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I don’t understand voyeurs.  I mean, to a certain extent, I do.  And I understand how ironic that might sound coming out of me.  Especially since I’m kind of being one right now.  But to sit and watch someone sleep?  Yeah.  That’s not doing it for me.  I’ve never done anything so boring.  And I’ve sat in the shinigami realm doing just that.  At least when you’re awake, there’s something mildly entertaining.  But this?  This is killing me!  Come on, Light!  Wake up!  We need to talk about what just happened!

You just up and left the house without even thinking about telling anyone, which feels weird for you to do.  And who did you leave with?  Your boss.  That’s right.  And what did you two do?  You can say you didn’t all you want.  I know a date when I see one and that’s what you were up to.  You went on a date with your boss.  Nobody just shows up at your front door and says let’s go to Shimokitazawa and get tea.  That doesn’t happen.  And anyone who says it does is trying to sell you something.  But that’s not all!

Then!  Then, on a total whim, you make an offhanded mention about that ferris wheel in Odaiba.  And what happens after that?  You two are sitting on that ferris wheel in Odaiba!  And after that, what happens?  L has a mini breakdown.  Because you’re not like all the other girls.  Why can’t you be like all the other girls?  No.  You had to be the standout hit of the summer.  And then, where does that land you?  Well, someone decided to grow a pair and start sucking face with his boss!  Why can’t Sayu be awake right now?  I need someone to bounce this off of and who better than your sister?

Regardless, wake up, Light!  What does this mean for you two now?  Are you dating regularly?  Are you going to be dating regularly?  Do you even want to date him regularly?  Does he even want to date you regularly?  There are a lot of unanswered questions here, man!  And I can’t just sit here and watch you sleep while you have all those answers!  Wake the fuck up, Light!  I need to vent this to someone!  You expect me to go back to the shinigami realm and tell someone there?  Hell no!  I’d get the shit kicked out of me for getting so invested.  But come on!  This is better than a good K-drama! 

So, I’ll ask again.  What does this mean for you two?  What about when you two go to work tomorrow?  Because you know it’s going to be weird.  At least a little weird.  I mean, you two don’t exactly have that whole socialization thing down to a science.  There was your first trip to Shimokitazawa when L gave you your first kiss since you and Mikami.  That right there was an out of left field situation, but I’ll allow it.  So, are you going to call this a thing?  Are you going to call it a one night stand?  Because honestly, at this point, I’d be cool with either one.  Whatever gets you laid quicker.  Because you and I both know you could probably use it.  You’re wound up so damn tight.  I’m sure L could take care of that.


Excuse me?  Are you finally going to wake up and talk to me?  Because I don’t do being ignored well.  Oh…No.  You’re just mumbling in your sleep.  Alright, I guess I can allow that, too.


Alright…That’s an interesting noise.  Are you alright, Light?  Because I don’t need you dying on me.  Your lifespan is still right where it’s supposed to be, so I know you’re physically fine.  And if it plummets in the next few minutes, I’ll start to worry then.  Don’t think I’ll be able to jump in and save your ass, but we had a good run, you and me.


Alright.  That’s not a little unnerving.  But again.  I’ll allow it.  Now, back to the important things.  Back to you and L.  Are you going to-


The thrashing around in your sleep is new.  What did I say about cutting me off?  Oh, I didn’t say anything about you cutting me off.  But I did say it pissed me off whenever you ignored me.  That might as well be the same thing.  Regardless, you and-


Yeah!  That’s the…Wait a second, Light…Are you doing what I think you’re doing?  Because that’s wildly inappropriate for viewers under the age of eighteen. 


Yeah.  That’s the one.  Oh my…It’s exactly what I thought.  Dirty dreams, kid?  Yeah, there’s no way you and L don’t hook up at least once.  Go get ‘em, tiger.  Because by the sounds of it, you are definitely getting it.  Hey, I’m not going to judge.  Whatever floats your boat.  And by the looks of your little tugboat, it’s definitely floating.  Either that or there are some tiny campers in your sheets. 

AHH!  Alright.  Alright.  You caught me a little off guard.  I wasn’t expecting you to spring up like that.  But go ahead.  Check the sheets.  Because I’m pretty sure you just came.  And hard.  Good for you.  I mean, I know I said you could stand to get laid, but I didn’t think you were going to be jizzing the sheets like that.  I mean, it’s alright.  Shit happens.  You could’ve done worse.  It’s a good thing Sayu’s already on her way to school and Soichiro’s on his way to work and Sachiko had errands to run, huh? 

So…Moaning L’s name in bed.  That’s an interesting new development.  I don’t think you’ve ever done that before.  I wonder what changed with you two.  Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s the working conditions.  Maybe it was you having your tongue down his throat last night when I told you only to just give him a little bit of tongue.  See?  This is what happens when you don’t listen to your buddy, your pal Ryuk.  I might not have much experience in human relationships, but that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot.  I knew what I was talking about.  And yet, you went and ignored me.  Again, not a fan.

And where did that land us?  Throwing your sheets in the washer and hoping to god no one finds out.  But like I said.  Shit happens.  Sure, you woke up a little sticky, but here nor there.  That’s what a shower’s for.  But something tells me you should probably expedite that shower.  Because I’m thinking there’s a car pulling up in front of your house.  I’m looking at it as we speak.  Right there.  A nice, black limo.  Gee…I wonder who’s coming.  I mean, clearly, it was you already, but I think someone’s pulling out…IN!  I mean, in.  He’s pulling into your back door…DRIVEWAY!  I really am awful this morning, aren’t I?

Hey, hey…What’s that face all about?  You seem a little down, Light.  I mean, I’m sure you’re at least a quart low by the looks of your sheets.  Maybe you should’ve grabbed some orange juice before you left.  You’ll be able to grab some from the hotel, right?  At least you should.  You could use the vitamin C anyway.  Go on, kid.  Go make me proud.  Go make whatever your imagination and your subconscious cooked up for you happen.  Wait a second…Don’t you have to go to class today?  Just…Get in the car, man.

“Hello, Light.” Oh, L…If you only knew…

“Um…Hi.” Seriously?  That’s the best you got?

“Are you ok?” He is.  He’s just being dramatic.  Don’t worry about it, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were…unhappy to see me.”

“No!” Oh…It’s quite the contrary.  He’s very happy to see you.  Yeah, clear your throat, Light.  That won’t seem suspicious, “No.  It’s not like that.”

“Then…” You know shit’s getting serious when he’s putting that screen up.  Wait…Are you two holding hands?  That’s adorable, “What is it?”

“I…” Come on, Light.  He just wanted to hold your hand.  It’s not like he was blowing you, “Had a weird dream last night.  And it’s kind of got me a little shaken up.”

Yeah, no.  That wasn’t a weird dream.  That was a wet dream.  The least you can do is be honest with him, man.  He’s not asking for much.