Who is Nadia Marcinko? Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot missing since documents claimed she had s*x with billionaire on plane


Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged list of associates has created a lot of buzz and now, Nadia Marcinko, who was reportedly a qualified pilot, has been missing for the last few days. She resides in the Upper East Side of New York and has not been seen at her home for a long time, as per Daily Express.

Marcinko was allegedly said to be the closest person linked to Epstein and the duo had a conversation multiple times when Epstein was locked in prison. A source close to Marcinko’s neighborhood also confirmed her disappearance and she was once described as “s*x slave” by Epstein, as per New York Post.

The Lolita Express, which reportedly transported underage girls to Epstein’s island, was operated by Marcinko. While she allegedly claimed to be a victim of Epstein, she was also charged with getting underage girls to Epstein for his criminal activities.

The unsealed documents from Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit included a testimony from victim Sarah Ransome, claiming that she witnessed Epstein and Marcinkova getting intimate inside the plane, as per The Sun. She also said:

“Nadia was straddling Jeffrey for quite some time. I watched them both ej*culate with each other. They were having quite a good time together.”


Nadia Marcinko’s whereabouts remain unknown for now and no investigation has been launched to find her.

Nadia Marcinko pursued a career as a model in the past: Links to Jeffrey Epstein explained

Nadia Marcinko has been in the headlines for many years for being reportedly associated with Jeffrey Epstein. According to New York Post, one of Epstein’s victims allegedly stated that she was paid to get involved in a s*xual activity with Nadia, and Epstein watched them.

Back in 2020, there were reports of Nadia and Jeffrey being romantically linked after they were allegedly spotted together at one of Epstein’s islands. A source for Daily Mail claimed that Marcinko and Epstein held each other’s hands. However, Jeffrey and Nadia never confirmed anything about the relationship from their side.


The Daily Beast stated that Nadia serves as a commercial pilot certified by the FAA and a flight instructor. She was also active on social media for a long time but the accounts are inactive now.

Nadia Marcinko’s Facebook account also mentioned that she had once worked as a model with clients including Christian Dior, Vogue, MTV, and many others. She established a website titled Aviloop, which offered discounts on flying classes and later began using the name “Gulfstream Girl.” She once addressed the change in an interview with Forbes and stated:

“It started as a joke for friends for Facebook. Then it just took off with more and more people following ‘Gulfstream Girl’s’ adventures. Now I have this incredible dialogue with my Facebook followers.”

Nadia Marcinko was 16 years old when she started modeling and later trained as a pilot. Marcinko’s Facebook account was once known for sharing content related to Gulfstreams and floatplanes. She was reportedly receiving a lot of messages from people claiming that she was their inspiration. The official website of Aviloop additionally revealed more details about her which states:

“When Nadia was ready for longer runaways, she became an aerobatic pilot, licensed flight instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), rated on multiple Gulfstream and Boeing aircraft.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s list features the names of many popular personalities


For those unaware, Jeffrey Epstein’s victim, Virginia Giuffre, filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Virginia accused Ghislaine of hiding the truth that she was being allegedly abused by Epstein and many others for several years.

The list has multiple names who reportedly had a connection with Epstein for different reasons. Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Michael Jackson are also included in the list.

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